US-Russia Marketing Group (URMG, LLC) shall provide to our Clients the following two (2) options as related to Terms of Payments with the Russian Distributors or URMG, LLC payments guarantee: 

Option # 1. URMG, LLC would assist in negotiating most advantageous Terms of Payment between the Customer and a Russian Distributor, but the final decision on Terms and full responsibility is strictly between the Customer and Distributor.  

Example: The standard Russian terms of payment are 25% pre-payment due upon confirming the Purchase Order, 25% due upon confirmation that the goods have been manufactured and are ready to be shipped, and the balance 50% would be due in 60 or 90 days after date of shipment - depending on the method of shipment (air or sea).

Option # 2. URMG, LLC shall forward the total cost (100%) of Invoice due to our Client prior to shipment of goods. Those payments could come from different banks with a various locations, but all of them will be facilitated by the URMG, LLC.
This service is optional and is to be provided for a fee of 5% from the total cost of Invoice, excluding cost of freight. This charge would be in addition to the rate of sales commissions due to URMG, LLC.

Example: Considering standard Russian Terms of Payment, and regardless of any payments received from Russian Buyer, the URMG, LLC would transfer via check or money wire the total cost of Invoice directly to our Client’s bank account in USA Dollars.



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